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A Monthly gathering of Fiber Friends
October 31, 2023

A Monthly gathering of Fiber Friends

Good Morning!! It is has been too long since we have gathered around the knitting table. Kelly and I have missed our fiber friends. So we decided to invite you to a monthly afternoon of creating on the first Thursday afternoon of each month. 
To bring you up to speed on our lives...Kelly married my son Heath last year. They moved to Casey and into our old house. My husband and I are in the process of  building a smaller home and currently are living in a 5th wheel trailer. In September Kelly had a beautiful baby boy (Hanes) who is growing like crazy. 
Tara's kids also keep me busy going from game to game. The twins are in Driver's Ed. Not sure how that is possible!!!
The new build for us is slow going. However, I have learned to do some hard things through this process. I love to learn and boy have I had the opportunity to do so.
My dad showed me how to build stairs and how to put up railing.
He is currently in teaching me to prep the shower for laying tile. Then we will work on getting the actual tile laid. Next on the learning agenda is trimming out the build. 
So anxious to hear about your lives on Thursday. Hope you can join us!!
I am also cleaning out some supplies of odds and ends.
I will have those available at a discount. (Mostly patterns and random needles)
Bring your current (portable) project and maybe a finished one for "Show and Tell". I don't know about you but ...I need an inspiration boost. 
I still own the building on the corner. We now call it The Corner Gathering Place. It is where we teach community art classes. This is the space where we will meet on Thursday - Nov. 2 from 1 to 3.
Hope to see you soon!!

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Yarn Bundle Sale
August 29, 2022

Yarn Bundle Sale

We still have some goodies left in our Clearance SALE area of the website.
I have selected out of few lonely ones and bundled them together. Some of the newly listed items were overlooked and not originally listed. 
There is some pretty good deals on these bundles.
Each one is unique and SOME are sweater quantity!!
Look for the  YARN BUNDLE SALE  sign on the website!!
Fall Color work Hat Class (not listed yet)

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Last Day to Shop In the Brick and Mortar Shop
August 16, 2022

Last Day to Shop In the Brick and Mortar Shop

I knew the time would come to close up the Brick and Mortar shop BUT...WOW that was fast!! The last day to shop in the store will be this Saturday.
The store might appear to be thinning out BUT...we still have some great products that you will NOT ever find at the price we have put on them.
If you need to take another look, here are some good deals and some newly added selections:
I will be adding Needles to the Close Out Sale later this week.
Look for good deals on Chiagoo, Brittany, and Knitter's Pride. 
Addi and Lykee will be staying in stock on the website.
I am overwhelmed and very thankful for the shout out we received from Crystal @ Bag-O-Day crochet on Youtube. She is the queen of crochet and has more than 730,000 subscribers!! You can check out her Youtube channel here 

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Close Out SALE has Launched!!
August 01, 2022

Close Out SALE has Launched!!

The Close Out Sale has launched online. Don't miss these great deals!!

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Retail Location Set to Close by mid September
July 22, 2022

Retail Location Set to Close by mid September


A quiet dream to own and run a yarn shop became a reality in December of 2010 as my husband generously provided me with a space to “do my thing.” How lucky I am to have had his support from the beginning!! He believed in me and continues to encourage me daily. I started the yarn shop as a hobby and through much support was able to expand.


 Many things about running a small business have changed over the past decade. In the beginning, all receipts were written by hand. Most advertising was in print and orders were placed over the phone. Hand dyed yarn was “new”. Patterns were on paper. Instruction books were an important resource. The shop did not have a Facebook account. Ravelry had less than about 800,000 followers. Designers were people who wrote patterns for companies / magazines. Cascade 220 retailed for $6. Yarn priced higher than $11 was considered expensive.


Today…technology reigns supreme. We have an active website that contributes to a large part of our sales. I now teach online, write patterns, and have designed a knitting course. Working with my hands has always been in my blood and always will be as long as my fingers work.


I have learned more in the past decade than I ever thought possible, experienced amazing advances in technology, and gained lifelong friends at the knitting table. And…my wonderful assistant Kelly is now engaged to my son!!


You probably know where I am going with all of this “reflection”. Yes… after 11 plus years it is time for me to write a new chapter. So the hard decision has been made to close my brick and mortar shop which will result in closing out several brands and products. My plans are to continue to teach, hold knit afternoons, write more patterns, and keep a few fiber lines for my online shop.


The subscription clubs will continue as scheduled. The Cocoknit classes are still ON but may need to have dates readjusted.

My goal is to start the Close Out Sale via the shop website on August 1st.  Many of my customers drive a distance and this will allow them to more easily participate. Items can be purchased online with the option to ship or pick up in store on or after August 10th.

Shop hours will resume in store on

August 10 - 13

August 17 - 20

 August 24 - 27.

September hours will be announced at a later date.

The BEST way to stay up to date with the shop is to join our VIP Facebook page. By joining this Facebook group you have a better chance of seeing posted content.

The Yarn Studio VIP Group

 Knitting is a forever hobby that will continue to feed my spirit!!

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Clearance Sale Details and 2 New Workshops
June 23, 2022

Clearance Sale Details and 2 New Workshops

FYI...I will be taking a break from our retail location throughout the entire month of July. The online will be available with some amazing
Clearance deals while supplies last ! ! !
Shop the CLEARANCE SALE in person this
Friday - June 24 with extended hours of 9 to 4
Saturday - June 25 with extended hours of 9 to 3
We will be offering 2 Workshops in August
with both in-person and virtual options.

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Subscription Boxes Now Available for 2022!!
November 21, 2021

Subscription Boxes Now Available for 2022!!

Reservations NOW OPEN!!

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Finding Motivation
February 25, 2021

Finding Motivation

Do you struggle with motivation when you reach "the middle" of a project?? You are not alone!! In this post I share reasons why I personally get stuck in "the middle" of numerous projects and how to I motivate myself to finish strong.

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Beginner Knit Course NOW AVAILABLE  for order
February 05, 2021

Beginner Knit Course NOW AVAILABLE for order

   A Graduated Knitting Course for Beginners


go to...The First Stitch Kits

in website menu and it will take you to the order page

One of the most popular requests at The Yarn Studio is for Beginner Knit lessons. To better fill this request, we have developed a self-paced knitting course. We have packed these lessons with lots of info. Our desire is to help build knitting confidence in those who want to learn. Read our introduction below...

Got Questions?? We got answers!!

What type of projects are we going to be in the kits? What skills will be taught?



Here is the 2021 RELEASE dates for the first round of project kits:

Kit 1 - February 18th

Kit 2 - March 18th

Kit 3 - April 15th

Kit 4 - May 20th

Kit 5 - June17th

Kit 6 - July 15th

Kits will not be available until the above dates. This is a self-paced course. You may order kits ANYTIME after the above dates, but NOT before the dates listed. 

Hope you are ready to get your "knitting groove" on!!!

Because... we are ready to show YOU how cool it is to KNIT!!

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Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater
April 21, 2020

Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater

When a brand new year starts, the first thing I like to do is finish up some lingering projects before jumping head long into a new one (and I have a long wish list of potential new projects just waiting to be put on needles). So I went through my project shelf and found today's project inspiration. I literally just need to knit 4 more inches on the back and add sleeves. This sweater has moved from being stuck on the shelf to being the first one finished in 2020.

weekender sweater

According to Ravelry...the Weekender by Andrea Mowry has been cast on at least 6500 times!! It takes yarn amounts starting at 910 yds and up depending on selected size.
I chose Shepherd's Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. My yardage appears to a little less than called for on the pattern. I am super pleased with the yarn selection. Shepherd's Wool is a worsted weight, 100% merino that is super soft to the touch. For those who are sensitive to wools, it is next to the skin soft. Shepherd's Wool passes my "next to the skin soft" test. To test a yarn, I open up the hank and place it around my neck for at least 15 minutes. Some wools I am sensitive to and others I am not. But after 15 minutes, I will definitely be able to make a good decision based on how my body reacted to the fiber.
My daughter Tara has also knit this sweater. Her choice of yarn was Longwood by Cascade. We still have some stock of Longwood but it has been discontinued. Tara also used less yarn than the pattern suggested.

Other good choices for this yarn would be Woolstok by Blue Sky Fibers, Owl or Lark by Quince and Co., Rios by Malibrigo, and Simpli Natural by Hikoo.
Hope you are inspired to grab your favorite worsted weight and cast on for this beauty!!

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