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Fall Knitting Retreat Scheduled for October 8 - 10th

Fall Knitting Retreat Scheduled for October 8 - 10th

Yippee...It appears that we can safely plan for a Fall Knitting Retreat!! 

Available Lodging

If you want to take full advantage of a relaxing weekend we suggest that you make your reservations for lodging now. I talked with Eighteen-Ninety Sleepover and she has availability for that weekend but those rooms need to be reserved soon as she books out months in advance. She also stated that if you book through online travel sites you pay a hidden fee and it is $10 more in the end. So for the best deal go directly to her site

Please note that we do NOT recommend the Days Inn that is also located in Casey.

Do I have to stay in Casey? 

No, you can easily drive in and attend the activities. However some travel from a distance and others want a weekend away. The choice is yours. 

Describe the workshops that you offer during the Retreat?

The workshops are part of the package. Jeanette will teach a morning lesson on "How to do Mosaic Knitting". Mosaic knitting is a form of color work that incorporates simple repeatable slipstitch pattens into an overall design. 

In the afternoon, our goal is to inspire you with ideas for using leftovers from your yarn stash to create simple projects. We all have them. We all collect them. What can we create with them?

 What are the plans for meals?

We will have information when you arrive that highlights all of the dining choices in our area. We will be providing your evening meal at Richards Farm Restaurant. It is a local favorite. All other meals are on your own. 

We will have light snacks at The Corner Gathering Place (the former Yarn Studio location) throughout the Retreat. Sunday morning donuts and coffee will be provided through our newest coffee shop, Casey Coffee Co. 

What are the Retreat hours?

You can check in at The Yarn Studio anytime after noon on Friday. The Corner Gathering Place (the former Yarn Studio) will be our headquarters for the weekend and will be open at 3 PM. We will host trunk shows and provide yarn tastings. You are welcome to hang out and work on your projects in this space. Our Saturday workshops will also be held in this location. On Sunday it will be open until 12 as the Retreat officially ends at noon on Sunday. 

Don't miss the chance to knit and relax in Casey!!


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This Week... KAL starts and the Project Table is Back!!

This Week... KAL starts and the Project Table is Back!!

This is a BIG week at the shop ! ! ! ! 

The month of April brings back the PROJECT table which will provide expanded opportunities for our customers to collaborate together. The table will be set up every Thursday afternoon and Saturday Morning in my old corner location. I will also be available for "project help" if needed.
April times will be on Thursdays from 1:00 to 3:30 and Saturdays 10:30 to 1:00.

This week also marks the start of our

S P R I N G Knit-A-Long!!

To be eligible for prizes you must register on the website
under the Workshop tab.
  • Tara is knitting the Seven Sister's Top by Blue Sky Fibers
  • Kelly is knitting The Weekender by Andrea Mowry
  • Jeanette is knitting The Weekender Light & Franca by CocoKnits
You can knit with us OR select a different sweater.
CocoKnits recently held a KAL for the Franca sweater so I will be able to offer extra insight as you progress on this pattern.

I plan to do facebook LIVE updates on Tuesday evenings throughout the KAL 
You can register your project on the 
Spring KAL page by following the link below.
Happy Knitting!!
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Spring KAL's, Gatherings, and Coco Knits Workshop

Spring KAL's, Gatherings, and Coco Knits Workshop

The Yarn Studio will be launching a

Spring Knit A Long with a start date of April 1. 

What is a Knit A Long? This is when knitters commit to knit a project together and support each other through the process. Many KAL's focus on one pattern design. Our Spring KAL will be a little different as I am asking you to select a wearable design and commit to finishing your chosen project by June 1. We will have 3 categories from which you can choose patterns. The categories will be shawls, wraps / ponchos, and sweaters. To make this more fun...I will be awarding prizes in each category. Participants who finish by June 1 will receive a tote bag.
Here are 3 sweater choices our staff has selected...

 Tara is knitting the Seven Sisters Top in

Printed Organic Cotton by Blue Sky Fibers


 Jeanette is knitting the Weekender Light

in Flaxen Silk by Sweet Georgia



 Kelly is knitting the Weekender
in Shepherds Wool

What is the cost to participate? The only cost is for your supplies and they MUST be purchased from our shop either by visiting the store in-person or by shopping online through our website. 

How do I get my supplies? I will be in the shop this week and next during our open hours to assist you in selecting materials and to provide help picking a project. If you want to be virtual and need help, email me your pattern ideas and I will get you fixed up!!

Do I have to attend gatherings? No... but you are invited to join Open Knitting Sessions at the shop. These Open Knit Sessions will be held on Thursdays and Saturdays. This is a great time to collaborate with other knitters and I will be available for free assistance during these sessions. 

Can I participate virtually? Absolutely!!

So that everyone ( in-person and virtual ) feels informed, You will be added to a specific email group for participants only. I have also established a Spring 2021 KAL page on the shop website where participants will be listed along with their chosen project. This is also the registration page.

We think your project and material choices will inspire others so your project information will also be posted on the Official KAL Board at the shop. 

To be eligible for prizes you must register by our start date of April 1. 

Knit Gatherings at The Project Table


 YESSS....for the month of April the Project Table will be back!!!
Thursdays starting @ 1 pm 
Saturdays starting @ 10:30 am
Most of you know that I own a corner building with beautiful sunlit windows that is currently sitting empty. (the former location of The Farmer's Wife Gift Shoppe)
For the month of April we will be using that building for Creative Gatherings on Thursday afternoons and on Saturday mornings. This will allow plenty of room for people to spread out and "feel safe." 
I will personally be available to offer help on your projects during this time. 
The teaching table located in the store remains available for individuals to drop in and knit during our open hours as long as there is not a class meeting.
This is a free service offered to our customers. Therefore as a courtesy to the shop, we ask that you please work with supplies purchased at The Yarn Studio.
Also you will need to enter and exit the building through the front corner door.

Upcoming Spring Cocoknit Workshop 

It is time for our spring version of the Cocoknits Workshop. If this method of sweater construction interests you...check out our workshop listing on the shop website. It will be available both in person and virtual. 
In the mean time...happy knitting!!
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Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation

Do you struggle with motivation when you reach "the middle" of a project?? You are not alone!! In this post I share reasons why I personally get stuck in "the middle" of numerous projects and how to I motivate myself to finish strong.
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Beginner Knit Course NOW AVAILABLE  for order

Beginner Knit Course NOW AVAILABLE for order

   A Graduated Knitting Course for Beginners


go to...The First Stitch Kits

in website menu and it will take you to the order page

One of the most popular requests at The Yarn Studio is for Beginner Knit lessons. To better fill this request, we have developed a self-paced knitting course. We have packed these lessons with lots of info. Our desire is to help build knitting confidence in those who want to learn. Read our introduction below...

Got Questions?? We got answers!!

What type of projects are we going to be in the kits? What skills will be taught?



Here is the 2021 RELEASE dates for the first round of project kits:

Kit 1 - February 18th

Kit 2 - March 18th

Kit 3 - April 15th

Kit 4 - May 20th

Kit 5 - June17th

Kit 6 - July 15th

Kits will not be available until the above dates. This is a self-paced course. You may order kits ANYTIME after the above dates, but NOT before the dates listed. 

Hope you are ready to get your "knitting groove" on!!!

Because... we are ready to show YOU how cool it is to KNIT!!

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Moving Time!! OPEN Date is January 7th

Moving Time!! OPEN Date is January 7th

We are moving to a new space!! Our doors will open for in-store shopping January 7, 2021.


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Beginner and Advanced Sweater Workshops

Beginner and Advanced Sweater Workshops

As a knitter, I am really in my element when the weather turns cool, the days get shorter, and I can cozy up in a comfy chair with my current project (...or in reality...P R O J E C T S). I aspire to have a shelf full of beautifully folded
sweaters, a drawer full of hand knit socks, and more than one pair of mittens. When the leaves start to fall I am reminded that I CAN start a sweater project and with a little luck I CAN have it finished in time to wear for Christmas.
My job as a shop owner is to inspire you to create beautiful things and I have some inspiring beauties for you to see. Perhaps you are not confident in your ability to make a sweater. If that is the case and you are ready to give it a try...then we have a great opportunity for you. I have selected a basic top down sweater that is simple in construction and will offer a "My First Sweater Workshop" just for you. Below is a photo of the sweater we will tackle. You will have options to customize your design as short sleeve or long sleeve. You will also choose a rolled edge neckline or a ribbed neckline. We will use Worsted weight yarn and you will receive a discount on your yarn purchase.
Ready to tackle your first on!!
my first sweater
My First Sweater Workshop here to join
If you are a comfortable knitter and are ready to kick your skills up a notch then this workshop might just be for you!! I will be breaking this project down into 5 lessons. The lessons will be held in-person and also available via ZOOM. I have a timeline set up for you to complete the sweater by Christmas. YES you can do it!! This is a straight forward pattern that showcase nice yarn. The sweater is made to fit loosely...almost like a sweat shirt. Lessons will be broke down as follows and will meet "in person" on the following Thursday afternoons @ 2:00. ZOOM session will meet on Thursday evenings @ 7
  1. Intro and yarn selection NOVEMBER 5
  2. Start the yoke NOVEMBER 12
  3. Complete the body NOVEMBER 19
  4. Start sleeves. DECEMBER 10
  5. Finishing details DECEMBER 17
Finished just in time for the Holidays!! If this is something you would like to try...then sign up here
I will be available every Saturday afternoon in November for extra help if you live close and "get stuck".
A More Advanced Option...
cocoknit sweater
I just received a trunk show from CocoKnits that features the CocoKnit Method of Sweater construction. Sweaters that are created using this method are knit from the top down and utilize English Tailoring on the shoulders. Here is an example of how the shoulder will look.
English Tailoring is the common method of shoulder construction found in fine "store bought" sweaters. The shoulder seam sits slightly to the back of the shoulder alleviating the added bulk of a seam on the top of the shoulder.
Traditional top down sweaters are more readily identified by the raglan style sleeves. So at first glance, a sweater knit using the CocoKnit method will appear to be completed in pieces and sewn together. I don't know about you but I have a basket full of pieces and parts waiting to be sewn into place. And I really dislike having to "set in" a sleeve. So... sign me up to avoid that process.
I will be teaching this method of sweater construction in November both in person and online via ZOOM.
These are the 3 styles of sweaters that we will cover in this workshop. I have the entire collection available for viewing at the shop for another week. I have styled each design and am featuring them on our Instagram page and through our Facebook page. I post a lot of Instagram and Facebook content so be sure to Like and Follow our pages!!
CocoKnits Workshop here to join
This Workshop is $60 and includes 6 lessons plus the book. These sweaters are knit on a size 11 needle so it goes quickly. The "in person" workshop will meet on Saturday Mornings @ 10 AM and via ZOOM on the following Monday evenings @ 7 PM. Allow 2 hours for instruction. I have chosen Saturday (with the exception of one Sunday afternoon) so that you will not feel rushed. I want you to stay as long as you feel comfortable. The following is the workshop timeline:
  1. Intro includes yarn selection, swatching, and design choice - NOVEMBER 7 (Saturday)
  2. Starting the sweater - NOVEMBER 14 (Saturday)
  3. Filling in the chart - NOVEMBER 21 (Saturday)
  4. Starting the body - DECEMBER 6 (Sunday @ 1 PM)
  5. Starting the sleeves - DECEMBER 19 (Saturday)
  6. Finishing details - January 2 (Saturday)
NOTE: class times are subject to change according to everyone's progress
CocoKnit Sweater Trunk Show Photos
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Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater

Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater

When a brand new year starts, the first thing I like to do is finish up some lingering projects before jumping head long into a new one (and I have a long wish list of potential new projects just waiting to be put on needles). So I went through my project shelf and found today's project inspiration. I literally just need to knit 4 more inches on the back and add sleeves. This sweater has moved from being stuck on the shelf to being the first one finished in 2020.

weekender sweater

According to Ravelry...the Weekender by Andrea Mowry has been cast on at least 6500 times!! It takes yarn amounts starting at 910 yds and up depending on selected size.
I chose Shepherd's Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. My yardage appears to a little less than called for on the pattern. I am super pleased with the yarn selection. Shepherd's Wool is a worsted weight, 100% merino that is super soft to the touch. For those who are sensitive to wools, it is next to the skin soft. Shepherd's Wool passes my "next to the skin soft" test. To test a yarn, I open up the hank and place it around my neck for at least 15 minutes. Some wools I am sensitive to and others I am not. But after 15 minutes, I will definitely be able to make a good decision based on how my body reacted to the fiber.
My daughter Tara has also knit this sweater. Her choice of yarn was Longwood by Cascade. We still have some stock of Longwood but it has been discontinued. Tara also used less yarn than the pattern suggested.

Other good choices for this yarn would be Woolstok by Blue Sky Fibers, Owl or Lark by Quince and Co., Rios by Malibrigo, and Simpli Natural by Hikoo.
Hope you are inspired to grab your favorite worsted weight and cast on for this beauty!!

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