Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater

Project Inspiration - The Weekender Sweater

April 21, 2020

When a brand new year starts, the first thing I like to do is finish up some lingering projects before jumping head long into a new one (and I have a long wish list of potential new projects just waiting to be put on needles). So I went through my project shelf and found today's project inspiration. I literally just need to knit 4 more inches on the back and add sleeves. This sweater has moved from being stuck on the shelf to being the first one finished in 2020.

weekender sweater

According to Ravelry...the Weekender by Andrea Mowry has been cast on at least 6500 times!! It takes yarn amounts starting at 910 yds and up depending on selected size.
I chose Shepherd's Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. My yardage appears to a little less than called for on the pattern. I am super pleased with the yarn selection. Shepherd's Wool is a worsted weight, 100% merino that is super soft to the touch. For those who are sensitive to wools, it is next to the skin soft. Shepherd's Wool passes my "next to the skin soft" test. To test a yarn, I open up the hank and place it around my neck for at least 15 minutes. Some wools I am sensitive to and others I am not. But after 15 minutes, I will definitely be able to make a good decision based on how my body reacted to the fiber.
My daughter Tara has also knit this sweater. Her choice of yarn was Longwood by Cascade. We still have some stock of Longwood but it has been discontinued. Tara also used less yarn than the pattern suggested.

Other good choices for this yarn would be Woolstok by Blue Sky Fibers, Owl or Lark by Quince and Co., Rios by Malibrigo, and Simpli Natural by Hikoo.
Hope you are inspired to grab your favorite worsted weight and cast on for this beauty!!