Finding Motivation

Finding Motivation

February 25, 2021


Looking for inspiration?? OK...I admit that many times I have to dangle a little inspiration out in front of my eyes to stir up the motivation I need to finish a work in progress. THIS is how I roll!! To keep myself moving forward on my current projects I gather ideas for future projects while browsing Pinterest or Ravelry. The desire to start a new project now fuels my desire to finish the current WIP (work in progress). 



Bored with your current project?? It happens...I frequently find myself excited to get started and  then quick to become bored in "the middle".  Upon looking through my stash of works in progress...I found sweaters that just lack one sleeve, a cardigan that just needs a collar, one fingerless mitt, and ends hanging from a shawl that just need woven into the piece. Why did these projects fall into the "land of UFO's" (un-finished objects) ??


There are multiple reasons why this happens (at least in my creative pursuits).

  • Perhaps it was as simple as making a poor yarn choice in an unflattering color. 
  • My stitches weren't perfect (note: perfection does not exist.)
  • The project "got cold" because I was distracted by life. 
  • The pattern required that I pay close attention and I did not have time to isolate myself enough to get through the tough stuff. 
  • My taste or style changed before I finished. 
  • My work looked nothing like the picture on the pattern.
  • I "settled" for a project because it was on sale.

My knitting verdict is Guilty...Can you relate?? If yes then I want to share some ideas that have helped me to get back on track. 


Allow yourself to let go!!

Being able to check something off of the "must finish knit list" only feels good if you are pleased with your work. I have completely finished projects that I hated and I actually threw in the trash. Yes!! I really did. My only regret here is that I wish I had threw it away before I went to the trouble of finishing it. I still learned from that project and I gave myself permission to make mistakes. So in the end it wasn't a total loss



Proper preparation will end in more happily finished pieces

As I looked through my pile of half finished projects, I found that many of the reasons the project stalled was due to not being really equipped for success.

  • Did I have the material that is recommended or a good substitute?
  • If required, did I knit a gauge swatch?
  • Do I have needles that work will well with the yarn I selected? 
  • Is the project style I have chosen too trendy?
  • Will it still be popular by the time I finish? 

Oh yes...I have jumped on the Trend Bandwagon more than once and my pile of unfinished objects clearly pointed that right out. 

Success is in the Learning and each Project teaches a Lesson.


Success is in the Learning and each Project teaches a Lesson.

I frequently push myself to try new methods, and use new materials. I do this because it fuels my creativity. I also find that when surrounded by a like-minded community my finished stack of projects grows faster than the unfinished pile. Participating in Knit A Longs (KAL) also presents me with added guidance and provides completion accountability. 

In mid March...we will be bringing back the Knitting Table with designated times for groups to gather.

If you are looking to give a Knit A Long a try...then watch for our upcoming post about Spring KAL opportunities. 

Happy Knitting!!