Retail Location Set to Close by mid September

Retail Location Set to Close by mid September

July 22, 2022


A quiet dream to own and run a yarn shop became a reality in December of 2010 as my husband generously provided me with a space to “do my thing.” How lucky I am to have had his support from the beginning!! He believed in me and continues to encourage me daily. I started the yarn shop as a hobby and through much support was able to expand.


 Many things about running a small business have changed over the past decade. In the beginning, all receipts were written by hand. Most advertising was in print and orders were placed over the phone. Hand dyed yarn was “new”. Patterns were on paper. Instruction books were an important resource. The shop did not have a Facebook account. Ravelry had less than about 800,000 followers. Designers were people who wrote patterns for companies / magazines. Cascade 220 retailed for $6. Yarn priced higher than $11 was considered expensive.


Today…technology reigns supreme. We have an active website that contributes to a large part of our sales. I now teach online, write patterns, and have designed a knitting course. Working with my hands has always been in my blood and always will be as long as my fingers work.


I have learned more in the past decade than I ever thought possible, experienced amazing advances in technology, and gained lifelong friends at the knitting table. And…my wonderful assistant Kelly is now engaged to my son!!


You probably know where I am going with all of this “reflection”. Yes… after 11 plus years it is time for me to write a new chapter. So the hard decision has been made to close my brick and mortar shop which will result in closing out several brands and products. My plans are to continue to teach, hold knit afternoons, write more patterns, and keep a few fiber lines for my online shop.


The subscription clubs will continue as scheduled. The Cocoknit classes are still ON but may need to have dates readjusted.

My goal is to start the Close Out Sale via the shop website on August 1st.  Many of my customers drive a distance and this will allow them to more easily participate. Items can be purchased online with the option to ship or pick up in store on or after August 10th.

Shop hours will resume in store on

August 10 - 13

August 17 - 20

 August 24 - 27.

September hours will be announced at a later date.

The BEST way to stay up to date with the shop is to join our VIP Facebook page. By joining this Facebook group you have a better chance of seeing posted content.

The Yarn Studio VIP Group

 Knitting is a forever hobby that will continue to feed my spirit!!