My First Sweater - Workshop

$ 50.00
If you are a comfortable knitter and are ready to kick your skills up a notch then this workshop might just be for you!!
This WORKSHOP will be divided out into 5 lessons. The lessons will be held in-person and also available via ZOOM. For the first time we are offering those who do not live close an opportunity to KNIT with us!!
I have a timeline set up for you to complete the sweater by Christmas. YES you can do it!! This is a straight forward pattern that showcase nice yarn. The sweater is made to fit loosely...almost like a sweat shirt. Lessons will be sectioned out as follows We will meet "in person" on the following Thursday afternoons @ 2:00, with a follow - up ZOOM session meeting on Thursday evenings @ 7
NOTE:  NO homework or prior prep necessary for the first lesson
  1. Intro and yarn selection  - NOVEMBER 5
  2. Start the yoke  - NOVEMBER 12
  3. Complete the body  - NOVEMBER 19
  4. Start sleeves -  DECEMBER 10
  5. Finishing details  - DECEMBER 17
Our goal is to have this finished just in time for the Holidays!! If this is something you would like to try...then purchase NOW. The Workshop is $50 which includes the pattern, personal instruction, access to private hands-on help and a swatching kit. This all breaks down to only $10 per lesson!!
I will be available every Saturday afternoon in November for extra hands-on help if you live close and "get stuck".
NOTE: this is a workshop only purchase. Your selected project yarn is a separate purchase that as a student you will receive a discount code for 20% off of your fiber selection through the shop. 
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